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Date de clôture pour le DV-2023:

Date de clôture

pour le DV-2023:


Rêvez-vous de vivre aux États-Unis ?

Nous avons déjà soutenu plus de 20 000 gagnants sur la voie de la Green Card !

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Bon à savoir Qu'est-ce que la Green Card ?

La "US Permanent Resident Card" - appelée Green Card - vous permet de vivre et travailler pour toujours aux États-Unis.

Ce visa américain d'immigration est votre billet d'entrée au pays des possibilités illimitées !

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Bon à savoir Qu’est-ce que la Green Card Lottery ?

La Green Card Lottery est un programme du gouvernement américain unique en son genre, qui met à disposition 55 000 Green Cards chaque année !

Avec The American Dream, vos chances de gagner augmentent jusqu'à 1 sur 25 !

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We are a team of Green Card experts - Since 1996 we have been working hard to make your dream come true.

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Nos gagnants de la Green Card

Nous avons déjà accompagné plus de 20 000 passionnés des États-Unis sur leur chemin vers l'Amérique !

  • "Don't chase your dream, run towards it." So I spontaneously applied for the Green Card Lottery and on the first try it worked. Thanks TAD for the great support and always friendly assistance. I wish everyone else good luck.
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    Bettina B. - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
  • I would like to thank The American Dream very much. After several attempts I was very lucky to be selected for the Green Card. Now begins a new phase in my life.
    I have dreamed of a life in America since I was a small child.
    There I want to get to know new people, a new culture and grow personally.
    This year I will move to America and start my new life there.
    Many thanks dear American Dream Team.
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    Michael K. - Ruesselsheim, Germany
  • Many thanks for the great support on our way to the Green Card. Now we have finally received the "real" Green Card. As it looks at the moment, our dream of living in the USA will start in Florida. We can absolutely recommend the service of "The American Dream" to everybody who wants to realize his dream of living in the USA. We felt well advised at all times - even after the announcement of the win, "The American Dream" was always available with a contact person to answer any questions. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
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    Carsten N. & son Edgar - Waren, Germany
  • First, I couldn't believe that I really won. Now I can finally hold it in my hand and can start living my dream in the USA. Thanks so much to The American Dream Team. Great service and very helpful!
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    Marijan J. - Pirmasens, Germany
  • I may not have had success in the regular lottery but I won the Green Card Lottery after only one try. A childhood dream comes true which I never expected to become reality - living and working in the USA! Now I live in the the Golden State city San Diego. Thank you TAD for your great support and making my childhood dream come true.
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    Stev R. - Dresden, Germany
  • Dear "The American Dream" team,
    thank you so much for your great support over the years. Now it has finally worked and after my high school year 2000/2001 in New York State and the internship 2009/2010 in Florida, nothing stands in the way of my childhood dream. I can only recommend all participants who have been spared from success so far... Trying it again and again will pay off sometime!
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    Eric S. - Syke, Germany
  • Dear American Dream Team,
    although my dream of emigrating to California has faded into the background, participating in the Green Card Lottery has become a small tradition. When it actually worked after 10 years, I just had to take this unique chance, because you never know what the future will bring...
    Thanks a lot!
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    Steffi M. - Hamburg, Germany
  • Ever since I was 13 I knew that I was going to move abroad one day. When you believe in your dream hard enough, it will come true! Thanks to The American Dream I can finally live my dream!
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    Nicole K. - Trappenkamp, Germany
  • 20 years of Green Card Lottery, now "The American Dream" finally worked. Thanks to the great and always committed TAD team in Berlin!
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    Thomas D. - Berlin, Germany
  • I could only believe it myself when I was at the US consulate in Frankfurt, Germany. Now I actually have the proper green card. The support and the thorough preparation from TAD during the whole process were great. Special thanks and to all participants of the on-going lottery: Never give up! I did win after the fourth time.
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    Sebastian E. - Munich, Germany